Url Redirections Process made Easy – Part I

Hi All,

Everybody is aware of url redirection process of IIS.

Create DNS record  & a site redirect but that approach will clutter your IIS if you get these requests very often, Like we get.

So we have researched & revised our procedure that I am sharing in this Post.

Install URL rewrite utility on IIS


After that we just have to create rules as below, offcourse DNS entry is needed.

a)    Open IIS Manager

b)    Click on Url rewrite Module

c)     Click Add rule & Add Blank Rule

d)    In the Name Field:-

Redirect–Name of REdirect

 e)    In conditions use the following example

 f)     In action use the following example & type redirection url followed by {R:0}

g)    Apply the Rule & Test it.

You can create multiple rules for different redirects without much hassle.



Sukhija Vikaxs


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