Some items cannot be deleted Outlook

Hi Readers,

Sharing a situation faced recently where one of the application mailboxes was throwing error in deleting the processed items from Outlook.

When we tried to delete items manually thru outlook we got below error:

Some items cannot be deleted They were either moved or already deleted, or access was denied.


At first we tried cache mode & tried to delete-sync –> no Success

Tried Exchange mailbox repair options –> no Success

In the end we found that RecoverableItemsQuota is reached & thats what is causing the issue.


Either you can clear the recoverable items or you can increase the recoverable quota.

To clear the contents you can use:

Search-mailbox -identity mailbox -SearchDumpsterOnly -DeleteContent


To increase the Quota you can use:

Set-Mailbox -Identity “mailboxalias” -RecoverableItemsQuota 20Gb -RecoverableItemsWarningQuota 15Gb

Doing one of the above will resolve this issue for you.


Sukhija Vikas





5 thoughts on “Some items cannot be deleted Outlook

  1. Hi Vikas Sukhija, I have a similar problem in this article in the public folder of exchange 2013. But i am not too sure what is the mailbox or mailboxalias to put in in this case

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